Where to Find the Best Christmas Music for Your Video

Where to Find the Best Christmas Music for Your Video
by Kat

Christmas is just around the corner, and those of you who like to create holiday videos as greetings for your friends, family and your YouTube channel subscribers (if you have a YouTube channel, that is) are going to want holiday music that won’t get your video taken down due to copyright issues. So where do you find the best Christmas music for your video?

Since many Christmas tunes are more or less public domain, and many are hymns found in your typical hymnbook at church, lots of Christmas albums get recorded every year by famous artists on famous labels. Because each artist has their own interpretation of each song they record, the company they’re signed with gets the lion’s share of the profits from that album.

So, naturally, if someone uses one of those songs on their video, and it’s flagged for copyright infringement (even with a disclaimer of “I don’t own the music”), that person could be in some pretty hot water. The song itself, such as the ancient chant ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’ may technically be public domain, but the recording is owned by that big label.

If you need royalty-free holiday songs, look no further than FreeMusicPublicDomain.com, where we have some of the most truly touching recordings of classics like ‘Silent Night,’ ‘What Child Is This’ (AKA the old English tune ‘Greensleeves’) and ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.’

How to Get Royalty Free Christmas Music

“So how does it work?” you ask. The process is easy enough. If you wish to download a song for your personal use, such as ‘Silent Night’ to have on a playlist for holiday background music, then you won’t need a license.

However, if you wish to use the melody you pick for a YouTube video or perhaps a Facebook post, then you’ll want to use the Creative Commons license. Amateur video makers, students or non-profits are good examples of those who use this license. It’s as easy as copying and pasting the credit to the end of your video.

If you wish to use a song for commercial purposes, then you’ll want the standard license, which will run you about $25 per song. This allows you to use the song you pick however you wish without paying extra royalty fees, no matter how successful your project ends up being.

So bring some royalty-free Christmas cheer to your life and to your projects with our heartwarming selection of vocal and instrumental recordings of your Christmas favorites.

Listen to our Christmas songs here.

See a sample video using our royalty free Christmas music.

Where to find the best Royalty Free Christmas Music for your video

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