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I love a great movie soundtrack where the music creates the perfect mood and compliments the on-screen action. Sometimes it can be a single instrument or strange tone that at first you can hardly notice, but somehow it works!

It doesn’t have to be a feature length movie. Even a simple home video posted on Facebook  or a Youtube video can be greatly enhanced by the right music. I’ve set up our website with some great visual pictures and a short description for each song to help the visitor along with choosing just the right song to fit the mood of their video project. I want your video to be great and I hope my music makes it into your movie!

Maybe you want some ‘in your face’ horn stabs and a pounding drum beat. Maybe you want some violins tugging on your heartstrings. I think we have a great selection of songs that are easy to navigate through and not too overwhelming. What kind of music are you imagining when you look at the picture below? I bet it’s not the kind that puts you to sleep!

free music for film or videos

chase scene from Raiders of the lost ark

I’ve been working with Adobe Premiere Elements for my video projects. The great thing about using a program such as this for creating a soundtrack or background music is that you can cut and paste the parts of a song that you want or loop a key section over and over to get the perfect mood. The program allows you to edit the audio as easily as the video.

With Royalty-free music such as ours, you don’t have to worry about Facebook or Youtube shutting your video down either. I had problems with this personally when I created a memorial video for my wife’s mom. Facebook shut it down because I had used a Tchaikovsky piece that was apparently copyrighted. Geez- I thought the guy was dead!


The best royalty-free music Free Music Public Domain

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    • Rick Costello
      Rick Costello says:

      Every song on the site is available for free download. Just pick a song and select the download button. CC ior Creative commons is the free licensing. If you wish to use a song commercially, the std licensing option is available.


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