Why use Royalty-free Music?

Why use Royalty-free Music?


royalty free background music

robot coupe from free music public domain

What music do you imagine when looking at this picture?


When creating your own videos for Youtube or posting a video on Facebook, you may decide to add a little background music. Beware- Youtube and Facebook can shut down your video for copyright infringement. This happened to me when I created a memorial video that was posted on Facebook. Somehow Facebook ‘knew’ that the music I was using for the background was copyrighted. It did not allow the post to stay up.

I worked around the problem by finding royalty-free music on the web. I was able to use someone else’s music by simply adding a credit at the end of the video. Like everything else, it was a learning curve to first find royalty-free or ‘public domain’ music on the internet and then search through the tons of stuff out there that is available to download.

Having a large catalog of music from my record company, Exzel Music, spanning over 20 years, I decided to create my own website offering royalty-free music to anyone out there that could use it. It was surprising to me that I started to receive offers from other artists expressing interest in sharing their music as well. Each month new songs are added to the total.

Royalty-free music can eliminate a lot of hassle when creating your videos. You may not be pinged immediately, but chances are, if you are using copyrighted material, someone is going to find out and insist that you ‘cease and desist’. Why not just free yourself from the worry and pick from an ever-growing catalog of great royalty-free music? For the average Joe out there, our Creative Commons license is perfect for obtaining music without paying a licensing fee.

For corporations and businesses that want the protection of licensing, we offer a standard license for $25 that allows you to use a song for things like the music played while you are ‘on hold’, radio advertisements or corporate Intros where you either don’t want to or can’t give the proper credit in writing. Why hire someone to write the music or pay a royalty fee if your budget won’t allow it?

Our website, freemusicpublicdomain.com is set up in several categories to help you navigate to music you want quickly. First choose the genre of music such as rock or country or orchestral. From there it’s easy to sample songs, look at the visual representation photo, or just read through the brief description below each song to get a quick ‘feel’ for what might work for you. We also have a separate ‘Instrumentals’ category, but most of our vocal songs have a no-vocal version right below the vocal version if you want just the music by itself.

We are hoping to add more categories such as Christmas Music and also some true classical pieces in the near future. So please peruse through our catalog of music, download anything you like, take advantage of our licensing agreements and if you’re feeling generous, send us a donation to keep this site up and running. Thanks!

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