Authentic Music from the Eighties and Nineties

Authentic Music from the Eighties and Nineties
Making a Movie About the late 20th Century?

Capture the real sound of the 80's in your film

Capture the real sound of the 80’s in your film

As we near closer to the year 2020, the glory days of the nineties and eighties becomes more defined. That time, considered by many to be the best ever, was filled with incredible, once in a lifetime images and music. The eighties brought us plenty of synthesizer sounds while the nineties brought us a ton of great grungy guitars.

Whatever the reasoning for enjoying these decades, no one can argue there’s a certain sublime authenticity with the music of that time period that ceases to fade. If you’re planning on filming an action movie, drama or documentary about the late 20th century, you should definitely consider using music that is relevant to the time and give your movie that sense of realism it deserves.

Here at  you can find the best music for your movie and give it that nostalgic sound without sacrificing artistic integrity or breaking your bank. Your movie deserves to have authentic music, and royalty-free licensing is going to give you that special sound at a very affordable price- perhaps even free!

Soundtrack music is something that a lot of people consider to be the focal point of a good movie. The soundtrack can give a scene great nostalgic feeling that brings the viewer back again and again. A movie that features nineties music and eighties music will no doubt cause people to flashback to that retro time, especially if the music fits. And what better way to insure that then to use actual 80’s and 90’s original songs that have never been widely released to the public? If you’re looking for some hidden gems, you’re come to the right place.

The Eighties and Nineties are two decades that brought us plenty of different types of music. Whether it be alternative, techno-synth, grunge, country, or any other of the many genres that thrived at the time, there is something for everyone. These two decades gave us plenty of reason to laugh, cry, and feel good about ourselves.

Whether a serious or novice filmmaker, it is all about giving a period piece the best tribute ever with an authentic sounding soundtrack. If you are self-directing or perhaps the director of music for your company’s next film project, be sure to check out all the great alternative, progressive rock and instrumentals on our royalty-free music website. FreeMusicPublicDomain has the best selection of retro songs in an easy to navigate format. Eighties music and nineties music deserves to be heard in all its amazing glory, and now you can have the real thing. You can immortalize it, even further, forever without having to pay a king’s ransom.

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